Professional Grade Product Description

VTC Professional Grade Product Description

The VTC Professional products are designed for financial practitioners who are seeking to improve the performance of their client’s assets by using a cost and time affective strategy. The professional grade products are not made available to members of the general public. In order to subscribe to any of the Professional Grade products perspective users will need to be screened by the VTC back office compliance department. Final determination as to which product a perspective subscriber is allowed to purchase will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The VTC Professional Grade Products are generally patterned like the Vantage Max retail product. The big difference between the VTC Professional Grade Products and the Vantage Max retail product is the Vantage Max alerts are indiscriminate in nature and the individual user must make use of the fixed amount of alerts being disseminated at any given time.

On the other hand VTC Professional Grade product subscribers receive a quantity of alerts necessary to keep a certain size book of business performing at certain level. The objective behind the VTC Professional Grade product is to provide “efficient support” to the practitioner who subscribes to the VTC alert services

Efficient support is when a subscribing practitioner adheres to the VTC recommended product selection and maintains a rank in the top 25th percentile among all other rivals in their peer class. Efficient support will enable VTC professional subscribers to defend their book of business against the vast majority of any rivals they may come against in the field. All the other generic features are identical to the Vantage Max product.

Product Features

> Each professional subscriber will have there own user name and password to access VTC web sites.

> Unlimited access to the tutorials presented by the Supra Vantage® system developer. These tutorials cover a wide range of topics to help our subscribers make better use of the products being purchased. For more details see the Sample Tutorial section of this web site.

> Three to four Supra Vantage® standard alerts per week depending on market action. These alerts will be very concise and detailed. The alerts will include the company name, ticker symbol, and, whether to go long or short. The alerts also include entry and exit points along with projected returns. Additional alerts will also be disseminated in order to maintain performance of the practitioner’s book of business.

>Any time the Supra Vantage® needs to give professional subscribers additional or revised trading instructions there will be a series of methods the information will be delivered to insure it reaches the users in a timely fashion. The web site will be updated continuously; there will also be email alerts, text message alerts, and direct-recorded phone calls to users mobile or office number.

>A weekly market update via direct recorded phone calls from the actual Supra Vantage® Chief Systems Designer. These updates will include detailed advice on what to do about current open positions. The updates will also include comments on market topics that may concern the clients of our professional subscribers in addition to information the system designer believes will give VTC users a competitive edge in the market place.

>Professional Grade subscribers will receive three VTC Fundamental Review selections each month.

The VTC Fundamental Review is a report sent out via email on a featured company the Supra Vantage® feels has superior or dismal earnings prospects going forward. These reports will be driven by a fundamental analysis conducted by the Supra Vantage®. The selections generated through The VTC Fundamental Review will be long term in nature. These selections will place greater emphasis on the financial performance of the company versus the performance of the company’s stock price. The assumption under the VTC Fundamental Review is a company’s earnings and financial performance will drive the company’s stock price over time. The idea behind this approach is to allow subscribing practitioners to position their clients long or short accordingly with the expectation they will profit from the stock’s movement over time.

Periodically the Supra Vantage will re-address companies featured in past VTC Fundamental Review reports as circumstances and market conditions merit. This will be done to help professional subscribers keep their clients up to date and ahead of the curve.

Professional grade subscribers will also have access to Supra Vantage Index Alerts.
The Index alerts will be disseminated to the degree necessary to efficiently support the professional subscribers book of business. The subscriber will be receiving alerts on the Dow Jones 30, S&P 500, and, NASDAQ 100.

As we stated earlier each professional grade product is designed to provide efficient support to practitioners with certain levels of assets under management. For this reason we feel the VTC Professional Grade products are in a class all of their own.

VTC Professional Grade 1

Prices: $208.33/month

This product is designed to efficiently support a one representative financial practice with no more than $4.00 million dollars committed to the market. For those financial professionals who wish to be able to readily defend their book of business from the vast majority of rivals the Professional Grade 1 product offers a cost effective solution with out compromising performance. If used properly, the VTC Professional Grade 1 product will make it very difficult for a rival that is not a VTC professional subscriber to capture assets from your book. This product is also ideal for individual prop traders as well.

VTC Professional Grade 2

Prices: $416.50/month

This product is designed to efficiently support $4.0mln-$8.0mln in assets under management in the market. In some cases a small office with one to as much as three representatives could make good use of this product with out compromising the quality service or level of diversity to their client’s. The VTC Professional Grade 2 product can also relive practitioners from the burden of doing hours of equity research while still maintaining peak market performance and a competitive edge.

The Bronze, Gold, and Excalibur packages make the VTC Premier Products Division.

Vantage Bronze

Prices: $2,083.33/month


$11,918.00/ Bi-annually

The Vantage Bronze product is geared to efficiently support $8.0mln – $12.0mln million in assets under management in the market. This product is ideal for small broker/dealers, hedge funds, registered investment advisors and the like who may be investing in other asset classes besides stocks. This product can make sure your organization’s equity portfolio will very rarely be a laggard to any benchmarks and more than likely be a leader to the majority of the peer group.

Vantage Gold

Prices: $3,333.33/month


$18,979.00/Bi- annually

This product is designed to replace the efforts of a small firm’s research analyst department. The Vantage Gold product can efficiently support $12.00mln- $18.00mln million in assets under management in the market, ideal for a moderate size practice. Concierge service is provided at this subscription level. The concierge service is essentially a trading assistant and coach who will shadow what the subscribing practitioner is doing in the market. They will be available to field phone calls and emails from the professional subscribers in an effort to give up to the minute aid and assistance with respect to managing their customer’s accounts. The Vantage Gold product is ideal for use in recruiting new talent to a firm’s sales force. Vantage Gold subscribers are far better equipped to support the efforts of perspective top producers than the vast majority of other rival organizations in the market place.

VTC Excalibur

Prices: $5,000.00 initial payment for all perspective subscribers.
All repeating charges for the VTC Excalibur program are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

This by far is the most powerful product in the Supra Vantage® arsenal. This Professional Grade Product unlike the others has no minimum or maximum prescribed amount of assets under management that need to be committed to the market for subscribers to adhere to. This product also seeks to take subscribers far beyond “efficient support” as we previously explained.

Instead VTC Excalibur is a tailored product. This product is tailored as to make the subscriber’s organization a capable aggressor in the market place with the ability to capture assets from rivals indiscriminately at a rapid pace.

The Excalibur subscription level has a concierge-trading team who answer only to the Supra Vantage system developer and the actual VTC professional subscriber themselves. This concierge team will be in place to provide specialized trading support services under the direct guidance and supervision of the system developer.

The VTC Excalibur subscriber is one that has decided they want their organization to be able to capture assets from just about any rival they choose. This Excalibur product is designed to enable the user to apply an extreme amount of competitive pressure on their rivals. So much pressure to make it where the only way a rival will be able to consistently outperform an Excalibur subscriber will be through continuously taking risk that border on financial suicide. We do acknowledge that is a possibility; however there will be so very few firm principals reckless enough to go that fare into harms way. As a result the VTC Excalibur subscriber will be a force to be reckoned with among its peers. The developer of the Supra Vantage® is absolutely determined to make any and all VTC Excalibur subscribers the apex performers in the market place.

When a practitioner becomes a VTC Professional Grade subscriber they join the ranks of the Wall Street elite. They will then have the supreme advantage over their rivals. They will work far less and reap much greater rewards. They will also begin to operate with a much higher degree of confidence. In short they would have found a true refuge for financial professionals.

Subscribers can access their alerts by clicking the Alerts tab under the Tools section of this web site. This will take them to main Forum Alert page.
All products will be listed by product name on this main Forum Alert page. Subscribers can then access their particular product alerts by clicking the corresponding product name they purchased. At that point they will be able to view all previous and current actionable alerts for that product section.

Access to the products they purchased in addition all Student Forum content will be available as well.