Welcome to the VTC Class Room. We at VTC know education, preparation, and confidence are key the ingredients of a successful trading plan. We at VTC in conjunction with the Supra Vantage system developer and his staff have assembled an extensive set of course material that will aid traders and investors in gaining the key ingredients we are speaking about.

The financial markets can be treacherous to say the least.  The Supra Vantage system developer has stated in no uncertain terms the VTC course material can be of great assistance to all investors professional and novice alike.  According to him, no one grows to the point where they know everything and can learn nothing new from someone else.

We are encouraging you all that may not be quite ready to take on the pressures and stress of participating in the market to use the VTC Class Room as staging area where you can prepare yourself. This way you can be ready for the whirlwind that will surely come when you decide to trade stocks.

The Supra Vantage system developer considers you all comrades in arms fighting against a common enemy called “Capital Loss”. He would like to extend an invitation to enroll, learn, and grow by becoming a student in the VTC Class Room.

The course tuition is $13.99 per month.  Students are allowed unlimited access to course material for as long as they need.

Once students are ready they can purchase one of the actual VTC alert products. As long as users are subscribing to one of the VTC alert products access to the course material will then be complimentary. 

Once the VTC back office receives confirmation of a student’s purchase of any alert product their monthly charges for classroom tuition will then cease.


If students simply would like to withdraw from the VTC classroom without purchasing one the alert products they can send us a message using the contact us section of this web site.

Please be sure to include your name, VTC username, address, and phone number. Please indicate that you wish to withdraw from the VTC classroom. Within 48 to 72 hours from the receipt of the message to withdraw, our back office will discontinue your enrollment and remove you from the billing system.

We at VTC encourage all investors, traders, and professionals to take their financial education very serious and remember they will suffer the consequences of ignorance. 

 “For the lack of knowledge my people have perished”